A map for the EdgeGamers Jailbreak server

Beta 7 (Patch 3, Hotfix 2) (15/10/2022)

Fixed a bug in race which caused the door to remain closed when the game was started the previous round.

Beta 7 (Patch 3, Hotfix 1) (05/10/2022)

Fixed several bugs which killed Ts and disrupted rounds.

Beta 7 (Patch 3) (04/10/2022)

New secrets & Improved visuals.

Beta 7 (Patch 2) (01/10/2022)

This patch contains several fixes and is considered a stable release candidate. Thanks for playing Atomic!

Beta 6 (06/09/2022)

This is a stable release candidate for jb_atomic. A very big thanks to everyone who tested!

Beta 5 (Patch 3, Hotfix 1) (05/09/2022)

This hotfix fixes several bugs in HNS which can unexpectedly kill Ts.